WordPress Classes: Learn to Build a Website and Blog

WordPress Class NYC Learn to Build a Website and Blog

Class: WordPress Classes … Learn to Build a WordPress Website and Blog

In this WordPress class, you will Learn ALL the steps involved in setting up and using a WordPress website and blog for business or personal use. Instructor will guide you through the entire process.

IMPORTANT: In order to take this class, you must have an existing self-hosted WordPress website and/or blog. [ NOT WordPress.com]

Bring with you to class: Laptop with Wi-Fi capability and electrical power cord

Location: Times Square | 1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018

Price: $100.00

 WordPress Classes


Group Class

DATE: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TIME: 6:30 PM

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DATE: Saturday, March 10, 2018

TIME: 9:30 AM

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DATE: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

TIME: 6:30 PM

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DATE: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

TIME: 6:30 PM

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Private (One-on-One) Class

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WordPress Complete Course (4 Classes)

Build your WordPress website and blog … from scratch … to completion … in 4 classes.

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Course Outline:

You will attend a 3 hour WordPress class that will provide complete step-by-step instructions on how to build a Website and/or Blog from scratch using WordPress.

WordPress Installation and Setup

Time: 1 Hour

(1) Website

(2) Installing WordPress

(3) Setup

  • Introduction to WordPress dashboard and dashboard tools
  • Determine Settings

(4) WordPress Themes

  • Designing website/blog layout
  • Choosing a WordPress theme
  • Installation of WordPress theme

Customizing Website | Blog

Time: 1 Hour

(1) Customize Theme

(2) Plugins and Widgets

  • Understanding plugins and widgets
  • Installing plugins and widget
  • Organizing widgets on website

Using | Managing your Website|Blog

Time: 1 Hour

(1) Creating Pages + Menu

  • Make a list of Pages you want to add to your site, such as About, Contact, or Home. Remember you always add new pages later
  • Create new pages
  • Understanding Page Attributes incl. Parent, Template
  • Add text content incl. formatting text content
  • Adding media content incl. images, video etc
  • Understanding and Using Featured Image
  • Add pages to menu
  • Ordering pages on the menu
  • Create subpages / dropdown
  • Publishing Pages incl. Date, Status, Visibility

(2) Creating Blog Post + Categories + Tags

  • What will you write about? Develop a content strategy and list of topics to blog about., and then make a list of the categories to organize your content by groups
  • Create new post
  • Add text content incl. formatting text content
  • Adding media content incl. images, video etc
  • Understanding and Using Featured Image
  • Understanding and Using Categories
  • Understanding and Using Tags
  • Publishing Pages incl. Date, Status, Visibility

(3) Editing Posts and Pages

  • Quick Edit vs Full Edit
  • Turning off comments esp. for Pages
  • Visual /  HTML views



Additional Information:

This is a HANDS-ON WordPress class for novice/beginners who really want to learn how to do-it-yourself.

You MAY WORK on your LIVE website/blog during the class. You will build your website during the class.

You must have a self hosted website to participate. [ NOT wordpress.com ]

If you do not currently have a domain + hosting, we will guide you through the setup process. Please bring payment information (major credit card) to complete the online transaction during the class.

Price of the class does not include the cost of hosting + domain (approx. $100.00 per year)

*Please inform instructor if you need assistance with obtaining domain + hosting

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions


52 Thoughts to “WordPress Classes: Learn to Build a Website and Blog”

  1. Feliks

    My website was initially created without sales tax addition to pricing. How can I add sales tax ? Can I just install “Tax Rate Upload” plugin and then activate it ? Will sales tax appear on the web-site and get added to the shopping cart automatically ?

  2. Hello. How much does it cost to get a domain? And will we need to establish this at the class?
    Thank you.

    1. Proctor University

      I’ve seen domains priced between $10 and $15. You can get the domain + hosting in advance or you can do it in the class and we’d be more than happy to help you with the process.

  3. Is this class for beginners; student without any knowledge of using WordPress?

    1. Proctor University

      Yes, this class is designed for beginners – with no knowledge of WordPress.

  4. I have wordpress installed and just updated to 4.2. Is that the version you are teaching? I can install it, but do not know much about working with it. Thank you.

    1. Proctor University

      Lisa: Yes. We always use the latest version of WordPress.

  5. Shannon

    I have an existing WordPress website for my private practice designed by a web design company. I know nothing about WordPress or how to make alterations to my site (other than post a new blog entry). I would find it useful to take this class and learn the basics. But do you prefer people come in building the site from scratch?

    1. Proctor University

      No, not at all. Attending the class will help you better understand how your website was built and give you the know-how to manage it yourself going forward.

  6. nick

    are you still holding the class on Wed April 29 at 6.30?

    1. Proctor University

      Yes. The class for Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 6:30PM is on.

  7. angela

    are you still holding the class on Wed 3/4? Do I need a web hosting account setup prior

    1. Proctor University


  8. Dara

    Do you teach courses on woocommerce instead of wp-commerce?

    1. Proctor University

      Hello: We’ve updated the class to now use the woo ecommerce plugin.

  9. Hi,

    i would like to attend but i have another class schedule at 8:30. Is any way i can recover that last hour in a future class?



    1. Proctor University


      As long as there is space that should not be a problem.


  10. Hi, Terry –
    I saw your class on coursehorse.com. I have questions regarding this course, which MIGHT be exactly what I need in order to re-create an updated, redesigned, expanded, and more advanced version of my website, ultimately about 30 pages.
    FIRST: From the description, we’d be building the website in the class. I DON’T HAVE A SUITABLE MOBILE DEVICE. Would you provide a computer and teach me how to transfer the site root subsequently to my home-office desktop?
    SECOND: Would you help us easily build in cross-platform user friendliness – so the site is optimized for everything, from cell phones to tablets to desktops?
    THIRD: I wonder whether you’d teach us to create all (or most) of the visual and practical features I seek — and whether they’re even possible on WordPress. Ideally, I’d like to send you a PDF of the NEW home page I’ve drafted, with background patterns, dropdown menus, and so forth. (I could also send the * temporary URL, * which would give you the idea — although it doesn’t display properly at this stage.) You’d see a sample of my attempt to re-create my website in Dreamweaver CS5.5. (I’ve gotten bogged down with this program; having to learn as I go is far too time-intensive.)
    Hoping to hear from you soon – Thank you!

    Laurie Greenberg, Ph.D.

    1. Proctor University

      Hello Laurie:

      1.We do not provide computers. We strongly encourage that you bring your own laptop as this would give you access to your personal content incl. photos used to develop your website.

      2. Many of the WP themes are already cross-browser and multi-platform adaptable so this should not be an issue. But, you also have the option of using a WP theme / plugin to do this – – we cover themes and plugins during the class.

      3. As far as design layout, WordPress comes with almost 1,000 free theme layout plus you also have access to premium theme layouts from other sites for a premium price. Take a look at the course description and you’ll get an excellent idea of everything we cover in the class. We cover a lot of stuff at a comfortable pace and all designed for the beginner user.

      *WordPress does not require the Dreamweaver or any additional web building tool application. That’s the beauty of it

      If there are any specific issues or concerns about your WordPress site, that are unique to you and are not included in the course outline, feel free to talk to us about scheduling a one-on-one tutorial session


  11. Mr Proctor did an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable and patient with his instruction. Thanks!

    1. Proctor University


      Thanks for attending. Good luck with your site.


  12. Kendra

    I really enjoyed the class. It was the push that I needed to get my blog up and running. Thanks ++++++

  13. lawson

    This was a great class. I was nervous that it was going to be too techy. But it was basic and a excellent pace. When is the “build an online store” class? I would now like to add an online store to my website. Thanks.

  14. I already use wordpress, and have some decent knowledge on making changes to the website. (Not much). I wanted to improve those skils. Such as: add widgets, add plugins, change the size of headers, etc…

    Best Regards.


    1. NYC


      We suggest WordPress class


  15. NYC

    We have the WordPress class every other month.

  16. Laurie

    Hi. I’d like to take all the WordPress courses in order, as I am currently unemployed and wish to improve my job skills. First… do these courses teach you from scratch, assuming you know nothing at all about CMS, HTML, PHP etc.?

    Second, is a subdomain of a currently hosted site acceptable for the prerequisites, such as blog.mycurrentwebsite.com?

    Thank you!

    1. NYC

      Yes. The courses teach all the basics from 101 – setting up; 102 – customizing to 201 – using. A subdomain is usually fine, all depending on your hosting company.

  17. Will there electrical outlets be available for our laptops ?

    1. NYC

      Yes. Electrical outlets are available.

  18. Chris

    When you say prerequisites are domain name and “theme” what do you mean by “theme”? ( I already have a domain name.)


    1. NYC

      We’ve updated the page to now include links to help you with the prerequisites. Thanks

  19. margaret

    Are there still spaces for tomorrow’s class?


    1. NYC

      Yes. There are still spaces available.

  20. margaret

    I have a website already, which is a Flash site. I did not build it & know nothing of web design. I want to start a WordPress blog & was thinking I’d like to attach it to my existing website, though as a separate entity. In other words, one wouldn’t find the blog by traveling through the website unless one were to want to. The blog could be found by its own name which would be a part of the site, but not specifically connected to the site. Will it be possible to set up this way in this class? Or should I plan to register the blog under a separate domain name?


    1. NYC

      We will help you set up the WordPress blog . We’d also be happy to look at your existing flash website and assist you with setting up the page link for the WordPress site. We’d have to first see the existing site and the platform on which it was built.

      1. margaret

        Thank you.

        One more question: will it be possible to take this class using a computer which is not the computer I had intended to use for my WordPress build? My newer computer had to go back to Apple on Wednesday & they still can’t tell me if it will be fixed by today. So there is a possibility that tomorrow I will have to bring an older laptop with an older OS (10.3)

  21. Carm

    I’m interested in the class, and have one ques- I’d like to have advertising on my Interiors blog- does wordpress allow that?

    1. NYC

      Oh yes. It is very easy to add Google ads and other other ad networks including affiliates.

  22. I already have a website with a blog that’s been set up by outside company. Will this class help me to keep blog updated or other benefits of WordPress

    1. NYC

      This class is helpful if you are starting your blog from scratch.

  23. LOVED THE CLASS!!! Learned so much..so informative..I cant wait to take the next class…TERRY (the instructor) was so hands on…THANK YOU GUYS!! THIS CLASS WAS AWESOME!! I will recommend to all:)

    1. NYC

      Tania: Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you at the other WordPress classes. Terry.

  24. Dee

    Re WordPress on Saturday: Through godaddy, I’ve got a domain name and my business website is currently hosted there. Do I need to disable or delete my website in order to fully participate?

    1. NYC

      No. You may secure domain and hosting in advance or we can assist you with the process as part of the class.

  25. adriuan

    can i pay at the door.

    1. NYC

      We request payment in advance for our classes, however, in some instances (subject to space availability) you may pay at the door, but you may incur an additional fee.

  26. angela

    There is access to free wifi for the wordpress 101 class? Just confirming…

    1. NYC

      That is correct. There is free WiFi available for all of the WordPress classes.

  27. Liz

    How long is this workshop?

    1. NYC

      The WordPress class you express an interest in is usually 3 hours.

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